There are several canon ships in hooky and several non-canon ones. Here are the ships:

Dani and Nico

Monica and Dorian

Mark and Aisha

The Huntsman and Snowhite

Mark and Dani

Dani and Nico: Nico had a crush on Dani all throughout the first season, which he at first denied. But later he made it painfully obvious, even shouting out "YES!!" when Alex jokingly asked if he and Mark were fighting for Dani's hand. Nico was also the only one who stayed with Dani after she began to be controlled by Spirit.

Monica and Dorian: They are (debatably) the most popular ship in hooky. Dorian developed a crush on Monica in the first season. Monica also developed a crush on Dorian during the first season, despite being engaged to Will. In the first season, Monica tells Dorian that she might feel something for him, leading to an embarrassing misunderstanding where Dorian calls Monica his girlfriend. When Dorian got lost after being poisoned by Pendragon Monica was severely depressed, but she felt she had to move on with her life. She married Will out of a sense of duty. Soon after Dorian came back, but he and Monica acted cold and distant towards each-other, not knowing what to say. Eventually (after Dorian's mom is captured) Monica goes out into the garden and cries. She and Dorian hug and it seems as if they are about to say something important, but they are interrupted by a guard.

Mark and Aisha: Mark and Aisha supposedly traveled together for a while between the first and second season. They seem to have a mutual understanding, and can easily tell what the other is thinking or doing. Mark is shown smiling at Aisha as she does or says something crazy in a few panels. Also, in one episode, Mark covers for Dorian who has gone after Monica, since Will was asking about where he was going. Nico is automatically confused, but Aisha understands what Mark is doing and helps him out.

The Huntsman and Snowhite: They are probably the most canon ship in hooky. They get married during the first season.

Mark and Dani: Dani has a sort of school-girl crush on Mark for most of season one. Mark, however, is completely oblivious to this fact, for the most part. He even tries to kill Dani after taking a failed love potion that Dani gave to him. This ship was put in as more of a joke (or possibly something relatable; plenty of people have had crushes on older kids that will never work out). During the second season, they both mature and Dani switches sides. Mark, meanwhile, becomes Aisha's travelling partner. And Dani's only close friend is Nico.