Master Pendragon is a witch, exactly soothsayer trying to make good word of witches and the adopted father of Nico.


Pendragon has aging hair, there’s also his blue eyes. He’s shown wearing long black(/orange) cloaks,orange veils with one shoulder pad. But also wears Hat with Jewl and has a cracked len within his glasses.




Main CharactersEdit

  • Nico: Pendragon adopts Nico, because Nico’s mother died for him. He tries to distance himself from Nico due to being “Dangerous” . Like stoping Nico calling him ‘Dad’ and even separated him away from magic. But despite so Pendragon actually cares for him.
  • Dorian Wytte: He makes Dorian a apertience because of his potential and wanted to guide them. Especially Dorian’s ability of excucting spell on first try by reading it. Its also revealed that he wanted to posion the twins. But thought of them as powerful yet good. He later caused Dorian to fall in coma due to poisoning him.
  • Dani Wytte: Like Dorian he makes her into aperitence because of her potential and ability of making powerful spells that anyone can undo. He also wanted to kill her due to possibility of the twins being King of witches.
  • Monica: She arrived at his home due to him being soothsayer.But also asked about how to save Willam and love. He tells her that she’ll have blissful love then her future. And that she can save him by staying with them.

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Evans: They are known to be friends


  • “I see a very high tower where your gonna be locked,in the dark...Full moon nights,white roses, ashes and fire. But in opposite order the ashes first, then the fires.”- to Monica about her future
  • "You finally came! You've taken so long!" - Pendragon to the Wytte twins (Chapter 5)