Episode 9 is the ninth chapter of Hooky by Míriam Bonastre Tur.


Dani Wytte cannot understand what she has done wrong, and while trying to figure out why her spell did not work in the way it was supposed to work, she does not react when Nico's enlarged airplane is flying right towards her. The waiter saves her from getting crushed. Then, he asks her if she is fine, but Dani does not answer straight away as she is focused on the waiter's looks. Only when the waiter asks her again, she answers, saying that she is fine.

Dani wants to go but before she can, the waiter tells her that she still has to pay for her raisin bread puddings. However, she does not have any money and asks if she can wash the dishes instead when Evans arrives and scolds the waiter, his son Mark Evans, that he cannot ask money from a customer who was almost crushed by an airplane in their café. Evans tells Mark to apologise to Dani who cuts him off. She is surprised that the waiter is actually Mark Evans and ask who the person she thought was Mark is. The real Mark tells her that this is Bob, a neighbour and customer.

When Dani says that he is the bully Nico mentioned then, Mark means that Nico is just being funny and that he is definitely not a bully. But when Evans goes back to work, Mark loudly thinks about beating Nico up for what he said to Dani, but first, he wants to find out what caused the for all this chaos is.

Mark picks up the airplane which is a toy again and decides to send the invoice to Pendragon. Running to him, Dani says that she lives with Pendragon and Mark tells her that if many strange things happen in this town, they are always caused by Pendragon. Then, she asks if she can have the airplane when he does not know what to do with it even though it is broken. Mark gives her the plane and wants to ask her what her name is, but Dani is already running back to Nico and his friends to give them back the toy.

Later, Nico and Dani return to Pendragon's house and ask Dorian Wytte to fix the airplane. When it is fixed, Dani and Nico want to leave again, but before she goes Dani asks her twin if he has 14,50.

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