Episode 7 is the seventh chapter of Hooky by Míriam Bonastre Tur.


Dani Wytte gets dressed and hurries down to the breakfast table where her twin, Dorian, and Pendragon are already sitting. She greets Dorian and he tells her that he is writing a letter to their parents, saying that they have arrived at school, got good grades in a test, made lots of friends and that their teachers are impressed of their magical skills. Then, they turn to Pendragon and ask him what class they are going to do today. Pendragon answers that he "was thinking that [they] should clean the house first," upsetting the twins.

Dorian gets worked up about the fact that they have to do "the servant's work" again, and Pendragon informs him that he simply has not much time cleaning the house myself. When Dorian counters that he could just use a cleaning spell, Pendragon entrusts him and Dani that he is not very good at domestic spells and says that they can try them out if they want to. Dani tries cleaning up a huge pile of garbage, but accidentally sets it on fire, resulting in Pendragon deciding to do a traditional cleaning.

While the twins clean up, Dani is upset that she "can't do magic" and Nico arrives at Pendragon's house with his friends. Dorian happily greets him from the window, but Nico just ignores him.

Later, Dani sweeps the stairs which lead to the front door when Nico approaches her. He says that he needs her help in retrieving his toy airplane which crashed into the window glass of Mr. Evans' house earlier. At first, Dani is reluctant to help them, but then Nico's friends suggest making her their new boss if she helped them and give her the idea to demand to be called "Queen Dani," "Lady Dani," "The great and beautiful Dani" or "any other name that [...] sound[s] fabulous" by Nico. After a while, Nico accepts and Dani happily goes to retrieve the airplane.

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