Episode 3 is the third chapter of Hooky by Míriam Bonastre Tur.


Dani and Dorian Wytte lead the huntsman to the house of the seven dwarfs. They give him a bouquet of flowers and encourage him to approach Snow White before the twins decide to leave the huntsman alone, so he can "seduce" Snow White. Influenced by the children, the huntsman actually asks himself if Snow White will like the flowers before realising what he has thought and the dwarfs approach him.

Happy to have helped the huntsman, Dorian and Dani return to their aunt and announce their success to her, hoping for a reward. As a reward, Hilde Wytte gives them "a worthier mission for Wytte's heirs": The twins have to take an "enemy from warlocks and witches" to the prison. Dorian and Dani accept the mission, and soon they head out with their brooms to bring "the enemy" to the prison.

As Dorian is not very good at flying a broom, Dani and he have problems carrying the cage with "the enemy" inside it together with their brooms, so Dorian has to get on Dani's broom and she has to carry the cage on her own. However, Dorian worries so much about falling down or losing the cage that he eventually has to get inside the cage too for the rest of the way.

At the prison, Dani and Dorian are welcome by the wizard who is in charge of it. The wizard tells them that "the guy [they have brought] is the last one" and wants to tell them their plan, but first, they would go to the dungeons. However, on their way, Dorian is distracted by dragon eggs.

Meanwhile, the dwarfs are pondering if the huntsman is suitable for Snow White.

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